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Reform Programs

District Attorney Rosen's Reforms

Helping Crime Victims

  • Brought the Victim Services Unit into the DA's to help more crime victims get the counseling, support and restitution they deserve.
  • Created three Family Justice Centers to provide one place for domestic violence victims to get help and support for their families. 
  • Created a special unit to help prevent and prosecute elder fraud and abuse.
  • Re-established a Cold Case Unit that has solved five old murder cases and counting.

Due Process and Equal Protection Under the Law

  • Created a nationally renowned Conviction Integrity Unit that reviews old convictions to ensure accuracy and establishes best practices to prevent wrongful convictions.
  • Established an Open File Discovery Policy to ensure that defendants receive their Constitutionally mandated discovery.
  • Started a diversity committee in the DA's Office to make sure the Office reflects our excellent and diverse community.
  • Created an open and transparent process for Officer Involved Shootings that builds community trust,


  • Advocated for local ordinances that have stopped the spread of illegal and exploitative payday lending practices.
  • Expanded the Parent Project which has helped thousands of parents keep their children away from gangs and drugs, and in school on track for college.
  • Implemented a Community Prosecutors program that works with poor and under served communities to help solve neighborhood problems, including graffiti, vandalism, gang activity, blight, and truancy.
  • Actively participates in the San Jose’s Mayor’s Task Force on gang prevention.