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Major Prosecutions

since jeff rosen became district attorneY, Santa Clara County has become a safer community

Violent Crimes

  • Charged 48 Norteno gangsters in the largest gang indictment in Santa Clara County history.
  • Operation Royal Flush indicted and convicted two dozen gangsters and significantly reduced gang crime in Gilroy and Morgan Hill
  • Indicted 29 Norteno gangsters who burglarized homes in San Jose, Union City and Hillsborough.
  • Convicted an elementary school principal for failing to tell the police about child molestation allegations against a second grade teacher, and then convicted that teacher for molesting several of his students.
  • Convicted international drug traffickers and seized 750 pounds of methamphetamine, one of the largest illegal drug seizures ever.

Economic Crimes

  • Busted an organized crime ring that stole nearly $40 million of computer chips from a local manufacturer, returned almost all of the stolen chips to the victim company, and sent the ring leaders to prison.  
  • Indicted 20 members of an organized crime ring based in Oakland who stole cars all over the Bay Area.
  • Broke up and prosecuted a Ponzi ring of scam artists who targeted Latino residents and stole more than $700,000.

Public Integrity

  • Convicted the President of the Board of Supervisors of stealing thousands of dollars in public money, removed him from office, and sent him to jail in the one of the most important and high profile public corruption prosecutions in Santa Clara County history. 
  • Convicted the executive director of a local symphony of embezzling more than a quarter of a million dollars from the symphony and sent him to prison.
  • Convicted the construction company owner and project manager of manslaughter for the cave-in death of an immigrant laborer, and sent them both to prison.

Consumer Protection

  • Arrested, prosecuted and convicted a caregiver of stealing thousands of dollars from from her elderly clients, and sent her to jail.
  • Stopped an out of state company from marketing and selling false, deceptive and misleading diet supplements in California.
  • Won a lawsuit against an online fashion retailer that forced the company to cease its deceptive and misleading advertising practices.