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"Someone out there knows."

Leo Briones



I understand why we all use it, but I dislike the phrase “Cold Case.” It implies inaction. Today, we gather against inaction, against apathy, to make sure that the murder of Matthew Flores is not forgotten. Today, we hope that this generous reward will expose even the smallest thread of information about this homicide. That’s what we need.

When I became District Attorney five years ago, I re-opened and re-invigorated our Cold Case Unit. I knew that we could solve some of these cases with renewed energy, thought, fresh eyes, maybe even a bit of luck. And we have. Five times. So far. Five times we have held murderers accountable for bloodshed that had long faded from local headlines. So far.

Five times we have been able to call a victim’s family answer some of their questions, tell them what happened to their loved one, who is responsible, and provide them with some measure of justice. Five times, we have sent murderers to prison for crimes committed many many years ago.  So far, five times.

All of us at this podium hope that one day soon we can call the Flores family and tell them that we have found the person or persons responsible for Matthew’s killing. Someone out there knows. Someone out there may have that thread of information that will help us unravel this mystery. $100,000 is a lot of money for a name. But for Matthew Flores’ family, for me and for all of us, that name means justice, and justice is priceless.