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It's important for the public to know the truth.

Leo Briones

As your District Attorney, I have worked hard to bring a new spirit and practice of transparency to the DA's Office. From our Conviction Integrity Unit to our Cold Case Unit–ensuring the community is completely informed is an essential part of ensuring justice and public trust.

This week we began the practice of releasing the videos of law enforcement involved shootings to the public. Our criteria for doing so is:

  • If they are available, and if the videos are relevant to our decision of whether to file criminal charges against the officers.

While this practice is necessary to ensure transparency, watching a video of someone being shot is painful.

Please do not watch the video if you are even a little bit sensitive to violence. We released this video of the fatal shooting involving Palo Alto police officers and William Raff to help everyone understand why the DA's Office chose not to press charges against the officers.  

Uploaded by Santa Clara County District Attorney's Office on 2016-05-24.

In addition, we oversaw and monitored the investigation into the shooting and then wrote and released a 31 page report that you can read by clicking here: