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My letter to Emily Doe. Christina from Canada.

Leo Briones

Dear Emily Doe,

I read your statement, all the way through, so your voice would grow with power. You are a strong woman and in your court statement, you unabashedly refused to skirt around the stark language and details of your experiences being raped and going through the justice system.

It was that straight-forward non-sensational language where you gave power and dignity to many who have been in your shoes and many more who, sadly, will be, because you made sure no one could turn a blind eye to the actual experiences one woman who has been raped and the proceeding and excruciating aftermath.

You have broadened my understanding of the experiences that others face as well as the exact color of the social battle we still have to fight. But you are doing a great service to society, by helping to fasten a tide that is beginning to turn. You are a true trail-blazer, in my books. And I have the utmost respect for you.

I am also one more person out there, looking for your lighthouse light and letting its knowledge shine on me, however briefly.

With you in sisterhood,

Christina Canada