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The "Emily Doe" Case. Let's make sunshine from mud.

Leo Briones

Over the years, I have prosecuted some difficult cases from murders for hire to sexual assaults on children. As prosecutors, we often are forced to face the depravity of which human beings are capable. Even in that context, the case of "Emily Doe" is one of toughest I have ever experienced. 

As you know, I asked for a six year prison sentence.  Unfortunately, the judge gave Defendant Turner a lenient sentence of six months in the county jail.  I strongly disagree with that ruling and have publicly stated that:  

The punishment does not fit the crime. This predatory offender has failed to take responsibility, failed to show remorse and failed to tell the truth.
— District Attorney, Jeff Rosen


Still, there is a lot we can do to join "Emily Doe" in fighting back against her assailant and bringing awareness to the issue of campus sexual assaults. 

First, the District Attorney's Office is currently working with Santa Clara County's colleges and universities, including: San Jose State, Santa Clara and Stanford to begin a dialogue on campus sexual assault. Our goals are to create and implement education programs about campus sexual assault, including what constitutes sexual assault, what is consent, how to report a sexual assault and the legal consequences of committing a sexual assault. Additionally, we will enhance access to medical and psychological services for sexual assault victims.  Lastly, we will work toward creating a culture of upstanders and bystanders who intervene when someone is too intoxicated to give consent or protect themselves.

Second, we are asking people to write a letter to "Emily Doe" and share their feelings and stories about how Emily's case helped give them or a loved one the courage to stand up to sexual assault, wherever it was committed.

Emily Doe is a wonderful and courageous person.  One day in the future, history books will record that her case and her letter helped end the permissive attitude toward campus sexual assault.  You can all join Emily by speaking up and telling your stories as well. 

Thank you,

Jeff Rosen