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Curious about criminal justice issues? Ask D.A. Jeff Rosen.

Leo Briones

An open dialogue with D.A. Jeff Rosen

Santa Clara County, California and our nation have reached a critical juncture in our efforts to end mass incarceration and at the same time enhance public safety. 

Criminal justice reform is one of many issues affecting public safety that is worthy of a public dialogue. 

I have decided to start a social networking effort called, "Ask the D.A."  The program is simple. You can ask me questions by either posting them here, sending an Instant Message (IM), or emailing your questions to jeff@jeffrosen.org.  Then, I will post my answers to your questions here. 

You are welcome to ask me any questions you'd like, but I will not be able to answer questions concerning active prosecutions or non public information about any prosecution. You can either use your name or ask the question anonymously.  However, please include the city or neighborhood where you live so that I can post that information, along with your question and my answer.     

As your District Attorney, I look forward to creating a dialogue with you, the people I serve, so ask away.


District Attorney Jeff Rosen