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The Jeff Rosen Story


Values forged in suffering

My family faced one of history’s most evil regimes. I learned from an early age, when tyranny rises it’s justice that disintegrates first–we must fight to protect and promote justice no matter the challenges.
— District Attorney Jeff Rosen

After spending another five years in refugee camps, Jeff's family immigrated to the United States–first to Wisconsin and then to Southern California.  Raised in the San Fernando Valley, Jeff's mother and father encouraged him to work hard in school, stand up for what he believed in, and help others.  Jeff excelled and graduated with high honors from UCLA where he was named the most Outstanding Senior.  Jeff then moved north and attended UC Berkley's Boalt Law School, where he served on the Moot Court Board and taught English to new immigrants in his free time.

A tough prosecutor 

A candidate for reform

My job as district attorney is to vigorously pursue justice in a way that is fair and treats everyone with respect. This means that everyone is accountable–including me.
— District Attorney Jeff Rosen

A DA for the People 

Jeff's history of putting bad people behind bars made a strong transition into his administration.  Under his leadership, the DA's Office has convicted dozens of gangsters in Santa Clara County’s most notorious street gangs, the President of the Board of Supervisors for stealing thousands of dollars from the public, teachers and day care providers who have molested children, shady companies that have engaged in false and deceptive advertising, and care givers who have physically and financially abused seniors. 

Awards and Commendations

NAACP of Silicon Valley's Legal Activism Award. 

Northern CA Asian Prosecutors Diversity Award

Martin Luther King Movers of Mountains Award

Northern CA Innocence Project: Justice for All Award

Santa Clara Veterans, Proactive Task Force (SJ Council Commendation)

Identity Theft & Protection of Personal Information (SJ Council Commendation)

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    The Rosen family: Amber, Naomi, Rachael and Jeff.

The Rosen family: Amber, Naomi, Rachael and Jeff.

Jeff's wife serves as a Superior Court Judge for the State of California.  They have two teenage daughters who run cross country, do gymnastics, and listen to music their parents don't like. Jeff enjoys playing sports, reading, and cheering for the Green Bay Packers.  An admirer of President Harry Truman, Jeff believes, "The buck stops here." 


In many ways, Jeff Rosen's passion for justice began before we was even born.

Jeff's father, grandmother and other family members were interned in three Nazi slave labor and concentration camps during World War II.  In 1945, they were liberated from the infamous Bergen-Belsen concentration camp.   

The Value of perseverance & education 


After a short stint at private law firms, Jeff realized public service was his calling.  In 1995, he joined the Santa Clara County District Attorney's Office as a junior prosecutor.  He soon distinguished himself being named "Misdemeanor Trial Attorney of the Year" in just his first year on the job.  He was soon promoted to the Major Drug Traffickers Team, the Career Criminal Team, the Sexual Assault Team, and finally the elite Homicide Team.  Jeff earned a reputation for prosecuting tough and high profile criminal cases.  In fact, a San Jose Mercury News columnist called Jeff, “the most respected career prosecutor in the (DA’s) office.”  With an outstanding conviction record, Jeff prosecuted some of Santa Clara County's most notorious criminals including the head of the Hell's Angels for the manufacturing methamphetamine. 

After a new DA was elected in 2006, the Office soon became mired in several ethical scandals.  Those scandals were getting in the way of justice.  The new DA even shut down the "Cold Case" Unit in favor of beefing up her PR staff.  Jeff had enough and he decided to challenge the incumbent.  After a hard fought campaign, Jeff was elected the new District Attorney of Santa Clara County. Now, Rosen's task was to reform the DA's Office and restore its integrity.  


Smart Justice” is locking up the most dangerous criminals behind bars and keeping them there. “Smart Justice” is providing to low level offenders the opportunity to change their ways and become productive members of society. “Smart Justice” is healing crime victims physically, emotionally and financially because that is what a civilized and caring community does.

An award winning District Attorney, Jeff Rosen is recognized across the nation as a forward-thinking criminal justice reformer.  His "Smart Justice" reforms are aimed at dealing with the roots of crime like poverty, substandard education, mental health and addiction issues.  Jeff is implementing these reforms by strengthening drug courts, expanding prevention programs like the Parent Project, sending prosecutors into the community to address neighborhood problems, and creating three Family Justice Centers to help domestic violence victims receive counseling, housing and education services.  Jeff has also created and implemented pre-trial diversion programs that save public money, hold low-level offenders accountable, provide restitution for crime victims, and promote public safety for the whole community.